Is it USGA approved? Is it approved for tournament play?

Although we believe there is nothing in the rules of golf to prohibit the use of X Marks the Putt, it is designed for the recreational golfer. We have not approached the USGA yet for their review.

Does it come in other colors?

No, only blue. The chemistry involved in making it safe for the grass and having it disappear in less than 15 minutes is quite complex and (for now) only works with one specific blue dye.

Can I use it on the green with morning dew or if it’s raining?

It will work fine with dew on the grass and even in a light drizzle.

How do you know it’s safe for the grass?

It has been tested by a PhD of Turf Management who has tested the material on multiple types of grass and in various climatic conditions.

Is it washable?

Yes, it washes off of skin and from clothing.

My mark seems to be disappearing too quickly, is there something wrong?

No, the liquid that is saturating the foam is disappearing.  Just dab 5 or 6 times to re-prime the foam with fresh liquid from the tube.